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Today, for some categories of people, finding work is considered a mission impossible. Too old, too young, unqualified, homeless ... Many people meet these criteria and rarely promote the interest of an employer.


The intensive sending of Curriculum Vitae in response to the many job offers published on all print and digital media gives little chance of success. The most difficult is not specifically based on reaching Objective Zero in the search for a job, but the feeling of no longer being useful in our society feeds a suffering that locks the individual into exclusion. and rejection.


SOLIDUS-UNIT is a non-profit organization which has taken an interest in this suffering and tries, through its positive and curative philosophy, to give back to those excluded from work, the potential to re-enter the professional world through services in civic projects. Through our civic actions, our first objective is to give people back a social life in order to create hope and enthusiasm. The side effects of our social therapy are often felt in the medium and long term, the relationship generated by civic activities promotes meetings, new experiences and a new mental health that the job seeker and the company need. .


SOLIDUS-UNIT does not want to limit itself simply to training or moral support, its actions are determined and treated with an “entrepreneurial objective”. The principle of profitability is clearly approached in order to promote a redistribution of wealth in the form of employment contracts towards the “actors” who participate in the development of the civic actions of SOLIDUS-UNIT.

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