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UNESCO "International Jazz Day"

International Jazz Day



UNESCO is calling for applications for the global host city for the celebration of International Jazz Day.


Cities in partnership with a non-governmental organization in UNESCO member and associate member countries can apply.

Our mission is to realize thenomination of a Host City for the celebration of International Jazz Day for 2025 or 2026 in Belgium. The search for partners is also part of the responsibilities of Solidus Unit. Contact us if your company wants to present itself as the standard bearer of this internationally recognized day.



Since October 2022, Normand LATOURELLE, CEO of the prestigious CAVALIA company in Montreal, has given us the mission of developing an “entertainment” space called ILLUMI Europe.

In practice, Solidus Unit applies to bringing together all the useful forces for the realization of this exceptional “entertainment” concept in Europe.

The skills of Solidus Unit are also used to offer partners the opportunity to support and experience these exceptional moments, as well as for the organization of corporate events at the heart of these millions of lights. We are waiting for you... Contact us...! 




Promotion of authors and composers (mostly working in English and/or Spanish). We contact bookstores, media outlets, literary agents and music publishers to raise awareness of these writers. We also translate and offer our services for all kinds of work in the field of literary and artistic promotion. DIAGRAPH is also a restoration service for musical production or any sound from archives, documentaries, cinema.




ILLUMI is considered the most visited event in Canada. An epic multimedia journey around the world. ILLUMI offers a true epic, an imaginary adventure for young and old. Visitors travel on spectacular routes, on foot or by car, in multicolored and completely magical worlds. For its 5th edition, ILLUMI once again promises an extraordinary and entertaining experience, both to the 2.5 million visitors of previous editions and to those who have not yet had the chance to experience its magic. Solidus Unit is now responsible for implementing the concept in Belgium: ILLUMI Europe should open its first lights at the end of 2024. Your company wants to strengthen its notoriety through a partnership or the organization of “corporate” actions and events, Solidus Unit is here to listen to you in order to find the best conditions for collaboration together.




Since its creation in 1994, LYRAE Records has been committed, as a label, to promoting the creativity of musicians, Belgian and international, in the fields of Jazz, Blues, New and World music. Very quickly followed by the KROKO Records label with Odex Protocol and Giusi, but especially Fred and The Healers. In 1999 LYRAE proposed a new concept: live recordings are done in a recording studio in the presence of an audience. This innovation makes it possible to release albums where a warm and intimate atmosphere gives the music additional value. Solidus Unit is committed to supporting the LYRAE-KROKO Music labels at the heart of the MUSIC BEER FOUNDATION by organizing innovative events in the production and promotion of artists of all genres.

Flower Symphony



A unique immersive experience from the creators of ILLUMI. An extraordinary outing under the stars where music is transformed into light. A CONTINUOUS SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW. Take a seat in the stands for a breathtaking view of an immense field populated with more than 100,000 luminous flowers which comes to life to the rhythm of music and an inspiring narration by Quebec poet Raôul Duguay. Solidus Unit is responsible for setting up and finding sponsors and corporate events in a SYMPHONY OF FLOWERS in Europe which will issue its first notes at the end of 2025. You want to be part of this beautiful poetic adventure, do not hesitate to contact us.

Foundation MUSIC BEER

Foundation MUSIC BEER


MUSIC BEER is a beer in perfect harmony with the philosophy of Solidus Unit thanks to its supportive nature for musicians and concert venues. MUSIC BEER is now licensed in the heart of a brewery chosen by the quality of its products and the cultural philosophy totally in harmony with our organization. The mission of the MUSIC BEER Foundation is to organize innovative events in order to produce and promote Belgian and international creations. In this context, Solidus Unit offers partnerships which have the privilege of enhancing the image of its partners while boosting the production of music and shows. Contact us to request information on upcoming production concepts as well as exhibition and financial conditions.




Located in Montreal, this festival is considered the most important film festival in Africa and the Caribbean. Since its first edition, VUES D’AFRIQUE has opened itself to all forms of artistic expression. Since 2022, Pascal NOEL has created a bridge between his ISHANGO MILELE Foundation and VUES D’AFRIQUE. News that favors numerous organizations and actions between Canada and Belgium. 

A collaboration that evolves from year to year thanks to creationsartistic with a mix of Belgian, African and international artists. Our ambition is also to encourage the creation of links with Festivals and expression and cultural venues in Belgium.


If you agree with this ambition, contact us to present our program and partnership conditions. We will try to find together the best conditions to highlight your image and strengthen your notoriety.

Vues Afrique



The FoundationISHANGO MILELE encourages and stimulates awareness and understanding among young people of the importance of science and technology as a force for harmony and progress. It does so by celebrating Africa's achievements and creative efforts in science, technology and the arts. It raises awareness of Africa and its place in the modern world, drawing on its contribution to progress through the ages as well as the genius and creativity of its inhabitants today.

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